Business Lunch

£9.50 per person
3 course lunch served Monday to Friday 12pm-2pm

Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup or Chicken & Straw Mushroom Soup or
Hot & Sour Soup or Fruit Juice or Spring Rolls (2)(+£0.50)
(Other soups on request from the A la Carte £0.50 extra)

A. Special Omelette (Assorted Meats & Vegetables) (Served with Chips & Mixed Vegetables)
B. Beef or Chicken with Bean Sprouts in Oyster Sauce
C. Beef or Chicken with Green Peppers & Black Bean Sauce
D. Beef or Chicken Spring Onion & Ginger
E. Chicken in Hot & Spicy Sauce
F. Beef with Fresh Tomatoes
G. Chicken with Cashew Nuts
H. Chicken with Satay Sauce
I. Pork with Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts
J. Char Siu with Vegetables
K. Char Siu with Pineapple
L. Char Siu with Fresh Mushrooms
M. Lamb with Hot Garlic Sauce
N. Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken
O. Beef or Chicken or Vegetable Curry
P. Mixed Vegetables with Sweet & Sour or Black Bean Sauce or Hot & Spicy Sauce (V)
(All above dishes served with Egg Fried Rice)
Q. Special Chow Mein / Vegetable Chow Mein (V)
R. Singapore Vermicelli / Vegetarian Vermicelli (V)
(The two dishes above can be served as Vegetarian Dishes)

Fresh Fruit Salad (+ Ice Cream £0.50)
Fruit Fritter (Banana or Pineapple) (+ Ice Cream £0.50)
Apple Pie with Fresh Cream (+ Ice Cream £0.50)
Vanilla Ice Cream

EXTRA £1.50: Chinese Tea or Freshly Ground Coffee with Mint Crisps
A-la-Carte Menu is also available.

(V) Vegetarian

N. B. We only use Fresh Produce, so slight variations may occur.